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You must have never eaten authentic Chinese food, so you have this question.In my work and life, I have a long-term relationship with Chinese people. I am not a Chinese, but a Canadian with Indian ancestry. I have engaged in the food science industry, and I have a little understanding of food, especially Chinese food.


Why are Chinese people so proud of their food?


In my opinion, they have good reasons to be proud of their food. My reasons are as follows:


Social aspects:


I believe that for Chinese people, food is not only food, but also a social microcosm of it. In Canada, especially Toronto, there are a large number of Chinese people. I have observed that their social activities focus on food both in restaurants and at home.


They will go to restaurants with their families, where they will take their parents and even grandparents to have family dinner. Young mothers feed their children first, and then respectfully share food with their elders. We Indians are not backward in this respect, but I really think the Chinese are ahead of us. I believe their family ties are very strong, and children and the elderly are their main focus. For example, dim sum and midnight tea are two main examples of making connections through food.


The Chinese basically monopolize the food industry, especially in Toronto.


I must admire and respect Chinese entrepreneurs and catering industry. From dishwashers to chefs, they really take this business seriously. They developed this cottage industry into a large-scale monopoly. They have standardized recipes, provided fast service, and developed and modified recipes according to local tastes and preferences.


In fact, they control the whole Chinese food supply chain. Raw materials, spices, condiments, packaging and dishes come from China. They have their own dealers and employees... In my opinion, their business model is small profits but quick turnover... And they have basically occupied the whole family cooking market, and dominate the industry with pure efforts, innovation and enthusiasm.


Chinese food is very competitive in price and quality


Chinese entrepreneurs and restaurant operators are very smart. They believe that large quantities and low profits will bring a large number of repeat customers. One thing is certain. Whether it is snacks or buffets, you will not leave hungry. Most of the time, you will take a bag home.


The Chinese always choose the right time and place


In my opinion, the Chinese came at the right time and place. North America is looking for changes, from hamburger/fried chicken/pizza monopoly to varieties and fast services of the same price category. I believe the Chinese have taken full advantage of this advantage and become a big industry.


Chinese cooking has endless condiments, sauces and condiments to adjust food


Chinese soy sauce is mainly hot soy sauce, supplemented by plum soy sauce. There are few other choices, and their arrangement and combination are infinite. As a food scientist, I spent most of my time in this industry. When I visited supermarkets in China, their powerful collection of kitchens made me dizzy. If you want to eat out, there are a variety of food in the street. If you want to cook at home, they will sell you the prepared dishes and condiments, which is almost foolproof. You can make a decent Chinese meal for just a few dozen yuan.


Powerful Chinese tea and hot water


Chinese people like Chinese tea, which is their national drink. They usually don't need other soft drinks and other drinks to match with food. They usually use hot water to wash dishes. I think this is good. As far as their hot food is concerned, this is correct. Scientifically speaking, hot drinks like water will not lower the body temperature, and they are good for digestion, because all chemical, biochemical and enzymatic reactions occur best at body temperature.


The best part of these two drinks is that they are usually included in meals, which is why meals can be very economical and healthy.


Chinese cooking styles are diverse


China is a vast country and one of the oldest civilizations. Even today, they also have about 56 recognized ethnic groups. I believe they all have some unique food and cooking styles, which also contribute to their food categories, from Shandong cuisine to Sichuan cuisine, from Hakka cuisine to ethnic minority cuisine to Northeast cuisine. Even cities are famous for their unique styles, such as Shanghai style, Beijing style


The Chinese have changed the food service industry, just as Henry Ford has changed the automobile industry:


As Henry Ford vowed, every American will own a car, because with his innovation and assembly line thinking, the cost of cars will be greatly reduced, making cars affordable. Similarly, the rapid production method of Chinese people and the conversion of kitchen to assembly line operation make the cost of dining out affordable. In this process, they become very efficient and knowledgeable, Very successful in this industry.

正如亨利·福特(Henry Ford)誓言的那样,每个美国人都会拥有一辆汽车,因为凭借他的创新和装配线思维,汽车的成本大大降低,从而使汽车变得可以负担得起,同样,中国人的快速生产方法和将厨房转换为装配线操作,使外出就餐的成本变得可以负担,在这个过程中,他们变得非常高效,知识渊博,在这个行业非常成功。

In my opinion, considering your time, it is uneconomical to cook at home, because their large-scale high-yield and low profit model is very successful. I almost do not cook at home in Toronto now. In fact, I believe Toronto is a food destination in the world, where Chinese and French are the main participants in the food industry, while Chinese people lead for several years.


China's food industry caters to the world's most inconspicuous and exotic dishes


Chinese food is very healthy


Chinese people eat a lot of green leaf food at home. The meat is very small, and their cooking method almost contains no fat. If they want, steaming is a very popular method, and frying almost contains no fat. In other words, they have mastered the art and science of food, and the cooking methods from steaming to frying to frying


Chinese steamed buns, bakeries and cakes are all good.


My experience tells me that their desserts are very light, with little sugar and fat. They have also created miracles in this field. They are not world-class, but for people like me, the taste is good. The desserts they provide are very basic. They are either typical western ice cream, cookies or some cakes. This is where they need to improve.


Overseas Chinese are ambassadors for the promotion of Chinese food around the world


My Chinese friends, colleagues, neighbors and my trip to China have all shown me that Chinese people are very proud of their culture and food. There is no doubt that I am very interested in food from all over the world, but my interaction with Chinese people shows that they are very eager to teach me more about their food and pay tribute to them.


When I was in a very fashionable area in Shanghai, waiting in line at the highway station, and passing through the crowd to see what had happened, I was shocked. They were roasting in a clay oven, which is the authentic food native to my beloved Punjab region in India. The Chinese improved it, and the business was booming. I was speechless, shook my head, and shouted at myself helplessly, What I am doing or what my compatriots are doing, we failed to do so, but the Chinese did.


Chinese chef/knows how to cook seafood correctly at home


First of all, most Chinese people have a comprehensive understanding of seafood. In fact, I learned from them the art of selecting the right fish from a pile of fish. Secondly, I learned from them what is the correct time, temperature and cooking method of seafood. Chinese people always cook fish and seafood with very tender cooking methods, which are very tasty.


The Chinese are proficient in the use of soybeans


They changed this food from simple beans to milk, soy sauce, tofu, soy pudding, tofu, soy yogurt. As a food science, I am in awe of their wise use of soybeans, which are very healthy. Health Science and modern science have some evidence that soy milk consumption is very good, which is why the incidence rate of breast cancer in China is very low.


At the same time, as a food scientist, I strongly recommend that patients with lactose intolerance use soy milk instead of milk. Soybean protein is one of the best sources of protein, with reasonable cost and taste. I also believe that this soybean dish will help solve the problem of food/protein shortage around the world. Tofu is my favorite food. Compared with milk based Indian sausage, it is very cheap. In my opinion, it is a one-to-one substitute. I have eaten it at home.


There is no or little waste in Chinese kitchens


Both India and China have experienced bad times and food shortages are good, but I know that the Chinese are ahead of us. In terms of controlling food waste, they have found a way to use ingredients completely. For example, they use chicken feet, organ meat and even viscera to make delicious food. The same principle applies to vegetables, especially leafy vegetables, which can also be used to make cauliflower stems. This factor itself is one of the main reasons for them to reduce food costs and develop delicious food through repeated experiments.


Small Chinese restaurant is the starting point for the development of a small family


I have seen some Chinese babies in Canada. They grew up in restaurants. Their father was a cook and their mother was a waiter. The children did other housework and their families worked as a team. The children were basically teenagers. They knew the industry like the back of their fingers and made money at school. When children graduated from top universities and their parents sold restaurants to another Chinese family and retired, the whole family prospered.


In my next trip to China, I will try to learn more about Chinese food. Yes, after the French and Italians, Chinese food will be popular in the world soon. Yes, the Chinese have every reason to be proud of their food.



It was not until I came to England that I realized that my stomach loved China more than my heart... haha. Now I dream of eating authentic Chinese food every day and can't wait to return to China. The Chinese restaurants here are really disappointing.


Let's talk about potatoes first. I bet Chinese chefs have more than 1000 ways to handle potatoes


土豆丝/Potato silk


土豆饼/Potato Pancake

红烧土豆五花肉/Braised Pork with Potatoes

If you want something cute, you can have potato balls


You can also turn potatoes into potato flour


That's all about Chinese food? No, almost every famous Chinese dish has stories, folklores or fairy tales.


宋嫂鱼羹/Sister Song's Fish Soup

800 years ago, in the Song Dynasty, a hardworking examinee named Song came from a poor family. He went to take the imperial examination (similar to the current SAT). If he did well in the examination, he would surely find a job in the local government and change his fate.


Finally, he became the No. 1 Scholar, and all his friends came to his bankrupt house to congratulate him. But his family was so poor that his wife could not find enough food to provide them with dinner. So she used the leftovers from lunch, some fish, tofu, bamboo shoots and mushrooms, to cook soup together. Somehow, the soup was surprisingly delicious. Everyone liked it, so they named it Sister Song's Fish Soup.


龙井虾仁/Stir-fried Shrimps with Longjing Tea Leaves

Longjing tea, produced only in Hangzhou, is one of the best green tea in China, with a history of more than 1200 years. The unique fragrance of Longjing tea and the freshness of river shrimp are my personal favorites.


东坡肉/Dongpo's braised pork

It was invented 1200 years ago by citizens of Hangzhou to express their gratitude to Governor Su Dongpo, who is also one of the most famous poets and writers in Chinese history.


If you have the opportunity to visit China, you will like the authentic Chinese food here.


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